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We Have Been Informed That

False rumors are being spread by a well known firm in New York, informing that some issues of Ajman and Ras al Khaima have been unofficially released and printed in Beirut. Giving these false rumors as reason, this firm is listing and selling the stamps, mentioned in our page two, at prices less than face value. But as you must have very well understood, these news cannot be believed, and to be more sure, we have investigated and found out that the stamps of Ajman and Ras al Khaima are being printed in very well known European Printing Houses and official circulars have been distributed from the Post Offices to announce the release of each issue.

We know that this firm for some unknown reasons wants to harm the issues of Ajman and Ras al Khaima, however, if we have to believe the public rumors, we suppose that it is out of jealousy and envy, but most of all because of a financial reason. Some persons will ask how! this(sic) is what we are going to explain. The Post Office of Ajman has, lately, cut all its relations with this firm, therefore, having no more personal interest or profit on these stamps, they are trying to cut the prices and destroy the the issues of these countries

The spirit of greatness has to be broken. Some persons think that with their money they can do whatever they wish. But time has proved us that it is not so easy. This firm tried to devaluate lots of issues which were not of any interest to her. For example they have cut the price of a souvenir sheet, but they failed as more than 30,000 sheets were sold at a high price! The whole philatelic business do(sic) not depend on one big firm only which to reach any of its aim do not consider the other firms working in the same field.

Why can't the whole philatelic world be only one big family, working and helping each other? It is really a shame that such rumors should be spread. With these news they show their little interest in stamps and philately. We suppose that we are obliged, after all, to believe that there must be a black sheep in every flock.

However, for the sake of philately and all the philatelic world, we are ready to buy back the stamps sold at prices less than face value at FACE VALUE ( which means at the prices mentioned in our page two.) Take this opportunity to make money as we are interested in any quantity you could send us, even if it only one set or if it is 100 sets and you will be paid immediately upon receipt.

Our opinion is that the owner of this firm is a very great business man, and has proved to be a very clever stamp dealer, unfortunately, his general manager has lots of influence on him and is destroying the name of this firm by giving such false informations to his clients, we wonder who is the boss??...

Middle East Stamps, S.A.L. - Beirut, Lebanon

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Ras al Khaima

Football 4v.
Idem Imperf.
Souvenir sheet
Cats 6v.
Kennedy ovpt. 50th Anniv
Souvenir sheet 3v.
Arab & European Paintings 11v.










Definitive 14v.
Kennedy 9v.
Idem Imperf.
Souvenir sheet






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