Stamps & News of the Middle East
September - October 1969 No. 55


Trouble with the Postage Stamps of Ajman

An agreement, signed by the representative and Governor of Ajman starting from August 1st., 1969, and valid for a period of one year renewable, was concluded between the state(sic) of Ajman and the Middle East Stamps S.A.L. This agreement included the printing, distribution and all that is relative to the postage of Ajman. It also gives to the Middle East Stamps the right to sell the stamps from Ajman or Lebanon without any restriction or condition. This contract was concluded in due form and was as well registered at the Tribunal.

Lately, we have learned that another similar contract was concluded on August 15, 1969. The signing of another similar agreement with another party than the Middle East Stamps is in contradiction with the agreement concluded between the State of Ajman and the Middle East Stamps, and therefore, cannot be considered as legal; the agreement of the Middle East Stamps having the right of priority. We come to the conclusion that the Middle East Stamps is the only one with the rights to deal with the postage stamps of Ajman during the legal period of the contract which means until the end of July 1970.

The postmaster of Ajman, incited by an American firm and without the knowledge of the Sheikh and Ruler of Ajman, is distributing circulars spreading false rumors. But the only true facts are that the contracts concluded with the State of Ajman since March 1967 and until August 1970, give to the Middle East Stamps the full right to print and overprint any issue of Ajman and Manama. All issues of these states released up to this date have been approved by the Government of Ajman and Manama and were distributed officially through the Post Office with thousands of covers sold all over the world bearing the official seal of Ajman.

Middle East Stamps, S.A.L. - Beirut, Lebanon

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