Yemen Cancels 1926 - 1962
Bait al Fakeeh - Yerim

Beit al Fakeeh Hodeida, Type 1 Hodeida, Type 2 Sana'a, Type 1
Sana'a, Type 2 Tala Yerim, Type 2  


The type 1 cancels of Hodeida and Sana'a are German-made cancels that were used in Yemen from 1930 to about 1950. The name of the city appears in both Arabic and Western forms. The date is written in both Arabic and Western numbers. Apparently these cancels were used on mail addressed to Western countries. The Sana'a cancel has an uncommon 5-pointed star inside its lower semi-circle which shows up as a dot on this page. The type 2 cancels from Bait al Fakeeh, Hodeida, Sana'a and Yerim appear to be modified German-made cancels that first came into service in the 1940s. The Tala cancel may be an example of a locally-made cancel.

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