Sharjah Aerogrammes

The first aerogramme is the 40 np issue with an additional 20 np stamp. It is postmarked 29 December 1965. The second aerogramme is the 20 np issue overprinted with thick black bars and 40 Dh. in English and Arabic. This aerogramme was issued on or about 25 August 1968.  The third aerogramme is the 40 np issue with a different 20 np stamp. The fourth aerogramme is a 30 np overprinted issue with a 10 dh stamp. This seems to be an official issue and appeared in 1969. The image of this last aerogramme was supplied by R. Howard Courtney. My thanks for all his help.

Sharjah FG3 plus stamp Sharjah FG10
Sharjah FG3 plus stamp Jones - number 8

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