A Mixed Usage Fujairah Cover from 1964


The four British Offices in Eastern Arabia stamps seem to have to been used to pay part (all?) of the fees to mail the cover: 40np for the airmail rate and 1rp for the registration fee.

The two Fujairah stamps on the cover are the 40np and 50np values from the 1964 Postage series. Did they pay part of the rate?

The two stamps were part of the first definitive series as per J. & H. Stolow Inc.'s1964 contract with both the Fujairah and the British Governments to publicize the stamps of Fujairah. The contract's signators included Finbar Kenny for J & H Stolow Inc..

Unlike the Michel Stephen proposed stamps, the four British Offices in Eastern Arabia stamps do not have "Fujairah" overprinted on them.

The cover is postmarked 7 October 1964. The only backstamp on the cover is from the Lititz, Pennsylvania post office and is dated Oct. 12, 1964.

The cover was cancelled a few days after the official first day of the two Fujairah stamps, 22 September 1964.

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