An Unofficial Fujairah Cover
from 1964 to Canada


The cover paid the 40 naye paise airmail (printed matter?) rate from Fujairah to Canada. I have also seen 20 naye paise (two 5 np and one 10 np) rated covers to Great Britain, as well as two other 40 nay paise rated airmail covers to the United States and to Argentina.

The date on the cancel is to 21 Aug 1964. I have also seen covers dated 20 Aug 1964.

The cover is franked with two 15 naye paise and one 10 naye paise overprinted stamps from the British Post Offices in Eastern Arabia series.

Unlike the Michel Stephen proposed stamps, these stamps do not have "Fujairah" overprinted on them. The hexagonal cancel would seem to indicate that the Fujairah cover was sent by J & H Stolow Inc. and may have included an announcement of the first series to be issued by Fujairah.

The service was a fulfillment of part of their 1964 contract with both the Fujairah and the British Governments to publicize the stamps of Fujairah.

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