Ajman Post Office


The first definitive stamp series of Ajman will be placed on sale in the Post Offices of Ajman in early June 1964.

This series will replace the overprinted British stamps which have been used in this area previously.

All designs of the stamps were chosen by the Ruler of Ajman, His Excellency Sheikh Rashid Bin Homaid Al-Naimi.

Supplies of these stamps are available from the Post Office of Ajman, against orders sent in fully prepaid for both the face value of the stamps and return registered postage.

The Ruler's portrait appears on all the stamps to the left, against a heavy gold decorative background, while on the right are shown various birds and animals of the area. All stamps are produced in multicoloured photogravure, and each has a different picture.

The size of the stamps is 25.5 mm x 39 mm, printed on unwatermarked paper, in sheets of 25.

The denominations of the stamps are as follows: 1 np, 2 np, 3 np, 4 np, 5 np, 10 np, 15 np, 20 np and 30 np. The total face value of the series of nine stamps is 90 naye paise. This is equivalent to approximately 1s 4d sterling, or 19 c.

The rate of exchange for converting the currency is 100 naye paise = 1 Rupee = 1s 6d Sterling = U.S 21 c. Remittances must be in the form of bank transfer or bank check in fully convertible funds.

A first day cover service will be made available. Stamps will be affixed without charge for forwarding through the mails. Special bicoloured envelopes depicting the Ruler against the flag of Ajman will be supplied for 50 np each in addition to the face value of the stamps.

(NOTE: Address inquiries to: Post Office of Ajman, c/o Postal Superintendent, British Postal Agencies, Bahrain, Arabian Gulf)

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