Introduction to Ajman Essays

These essays were printed in 1963 by the Baroody Stamp Company, which which had the contract to print stamps for Ajman. The company assigned the contract for Ajman to J.H. Stolow. The sale and the subsequent changes in design and printing processes may explain in part why Ajman began to issue stamps several months after the opening of its post office. The delay also may explain the use of the "values only" issues on some covers as well as the use of stampless covers with postmarks.

You will see wording in black on some of the essays. The Baroody Stamp Company printed the essays on preprinted waste paper. The name "ARTHUR" at the bottom of the essays refers to M.M. Arthur, the designer. I have images of pairs, blocks and a few combinations available. I have added images of sample sheet1 and sample sheet2 of these issues. If you are interested in seeing a few more examples, please email me.

My thanks to R. Howard Courtney and Khalid A. Al Omaira for their help with the images and the introduction.

5 np essays 10 np essays 30 np essays 50 np essays
5 np essays 10 np essays 30 np essays 50 np essays

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