Yemen - Ottoman Cancels

  My thanks to Howard Walker and to Spink for their permission to add the images of the cancels from Postal Cancellations of the Ottoman Empire, pp 99 to 105.

Modern postal service may have begun in Yemen in 1868 during the Ottoman occupation. The first Ottoman cancel was used in 1868 in Sana'a, according to Coles and Walker. The type of cancel used was a small double ring with the name of the city in Arabic only and without the date. This type of double ring cancel was also used in Hodeidah from 1873, Mocha from 1895, and in Taiz from 1871. A similar single ring cancel was used in Zubeyt (earliest known use unknown).

The small single, double and triple box cancels with the name of the town or city in Arabic only and without a date appear to have been used in smaller towns and cities with one important exception. The single box cancels were used in Badjil from 1881, in Beit-ul-Fakiyé in 1901, and in Hodeidah from 1901. The double box cancels were used in Badjil from 1895, Hadjilé from unknown, Lahié from 1875 and Zeydiyé from 1901. The only triple box cancel recorded was Katiyé from 1895.

Camaran Adasi

The four negative type cancels were used in the larger postal centres, Camaran from unknown, Hodeidah with two types, the larger from 1890 and the smaller from 1897. The Sana'a cancel was used from 1875.

There are several types of the larger ring cancels. The double-ring cancels have the name of the Arabic and Western names between the two rings and the date within the inner ring. Examples of this design include Camaran from 1895, Hodeidah with several variations of this design from 1890 and Sana'a from 1893. Hodeidah also has a double-ring cancel from 1881 that was Western only and included Turquie in the cancel.

The other variations are single-ring cancels with two half circles within which are the Arabic and Western forms of the name of the town or city. A rectangular box with the Arabic and Western dates splits the ring. This design was used by post and telegraphic offices in many towns and cities up to the departure of the Ottoman Turks. This design and variations of it seem to continue from 1930 onwards to the modern period.

See Yemen cancels for the period after 1930.

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