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Sinbad-Tours Co.Ltd.
The website offers a good overview of their services. Their images of Yemen are worth seeing.

The Yemen Observer
Has articles and commentary. In English.
The Yemen Times
The site includes selected articles from the weekly newspaper's columns. The staff provides a much needed and independent sense of life in Yemen. In English, as is the newspaper. The site also provides headlines and brief summaries in English from other local Yemeni newspapers. A must read!! The site also includes a page for discussion and an interesting set of survey questions.
Yemen Gateway
Has a wide range of information, articles and links about Yemen. Worth checking regularly.
Yemen Web
Provides a good overview of Yemen and has some great images of Yemen. Worth checking for their links and information about Yemen.
The site will include current news articles and a chat room. A good site for information about Yemen and its culture.
Central Organization for Control and Auditing (COCA)
COCA is the supreme audit institution of the Republic of Yemen. The site provides important backgound information about an institution that makes recommendations for government economic policies.
General Investment Authority - Yemen
If you are considering doing business in Yemen, bookmark this site. It provides a comprehensive guide to business in Yemen. The site contains detailed information on doing business and making investments in Yemen.
Republic of Yemen's Ministry of Information
The business information and daily news pages are especially useful.
Yemen's General People's Congress Home Page
This is the web site of the governing party in Yemen. The site includes articles about Yemen's political and economic reforms as well as the elections results and an overview of Yemen's history.
Article about Dr. Ed Keall's work in Yemen
The article concerns Dr. Ed Keall's discovery of evidence of a Neolithic culture in Yemen. Well-written. The page is on the Royal Ontario Museum web site.
Yemeni Megaliths
An interesting news article from Archaeology Online News
Ornithological Society of the Middle East
Definitely worth your visit, if you are interested in the birds of the region. With articles and images.
The right ‘stamp of approval’
The article is by Allen Kepchar from the May 1997 issue of State Magazine, published by The U.S. State Department. The article discusses some of the details behind several stamps issued by Yemen in 1996.
Is Traditional Mail Out of Fashion?
The article is by Dr. Salah Haddash and Adel J. Moqbil. They present an interesting overview of Yemen's postal history and speculate about its future.
"The post office commands an increasingly central place in our lives and businesses."
An interesting article from the Yemen Times about the Yemen postal service and its role in Yemen society.
50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The article includes an image of the souvenir sheet and a discussion of how Yemen plans to mark the anniversary.
Yemen Post Office to Introduce New Services
An interview with Mr. Abdullah Mohammed Al-Kabous, Director General of the Post and Postal Savings Corporation
American Institute for Yemeni Studies
Offices in the United States and inn Sana'a . The institute serves as the primary link between the American academic community and the Yemeni government as well as the Yemeni academic community. For the rest of us, the site offers a good sense of current research trends and provides some charming images of Yemen.
Yemen Language Center
Located in the United States. Whether you are interested in a virtual tour of Yemen and its people or are interested in learning Arabic, include this site in your travels. The site includes links to some wonderful pictures of Yemen and its people as well as descriptions of the center's courses. They also have advice about what to bring and what to expect if you are planning to go to Yemen.
Die Deutsch-Jemenitische Gesellschaft
German - Yemeni society web site includes the names and addresses of contact people as well as a resource page. In German.
British-Yemeni Society
The site includes reviews, summaries and articles from its journal. An important source of original research.
Making connecting to Yemen and Yemenis on the Internet possible. Also, the site is a good source for links and information.
Travel Log for John and Sheila's trip to the Yemen
A useful account of a trip to Yemen. You may find their anecdotes helpful in deciding your travel plans. The site also has some great images.
Al Kaff Travel and Tourist Agency
The site contains some interesting images of the area. Also provides an insight into the tourist potential for the Hadhramaut region
Arabian Horizons Travel and Tourism
Offers a wide range of services and has some great pictures of the cities and sites in Yemen.
An interesting set of images and a overview of their services.
Future Tours Industries
Responsive staff and a great set of images of Yemen's sites and cities. Tours include scuba dives.
Shibam Tourism Agency
Worth your while to take a look, especially if you are planning a visit.
Universal Travel and Tourism
Whether you need to book a room in Sana'a, rent a car to Aden or arrange a tour of the Hadhramaut, you will find them helpful.
Yemen Explorers Com. for Tourism
Worth checking for information about their various tours. Responsive to your requests. Has several new tours.
Yemenia Airways
Useful overview of their services, list of agents in Germany and a list of the airline's offices in Europe. Well designed! In German.
Yemen Pictures and Links
The site includes pictures taken by Bernhard Gruber on his recent trip to Yemen. Well designed. Also has links to a wide range of other Yemen web sites.
Imad Luqman's Web Site
His images of his oil and his pencil and charcoal works are worth your visit.
License Plates On Line
An image of the current Yemen license plate. Also links to images of license plates of other countries.

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