Yemen's Stamps and Postal Stationery

The postal history of Yemen may be divided into several periods. The former North Yemen used the issues of the Ottoman Empire. (q; Did they use Turkish issues after the collapse of the empire?) Aden used the issues of British India. From 1926 to 1962, the former North Yemen used issues of the Kingdom of Yemen - more accurately - the imamate of Yemen. Aden continued to use the issues of British India until 1937 when the colony began to issue its own stamps and postal stationery. From 1942, several of the shaihkdoms on the Western Aden Protectorate also began to issue their own stamps and postal stationery.

In 1962, the imam of the former North Yemen died. A struggle ensued between the royalists and the republicans. Both sides issued stamps and postal stationery. The chaos of the civil war and the needs by both sides for hard currency made for many stamps. At the same time, the colony of Aden and some of the shaikhdoms formed the Federation of South Arabia. The shaikhdoms which had issued their own material continued to do so and two more started to do so.. At the same time, a slow burning conflict began in earnest. After the British forces left, this war toppled the government of the Federation of South Arabia and those of the various shaikhdoms resulting in the formation of People's Republic of Southern Yemen in 1967.

The civil war in North Yemen began to end in the late 1960s. The two sides formed a coalition government, keeping the name of the Yemen Arab Republic, but adding various royalist sympathizers to the government. As the civil war ended, so did the numerous issues from both the royalist and republican sides.