Flag of the Yemen Arab Republic

Yemen Arab Republic
Stamps and Postal Stationery: 1966


15 January 1966
Anti-Tuberculosis campaign
Values from 1963 Freedom from Hunger series overprinted with an Arabic inscription at the top, a second line with date in Arabic numerals, a third line Tuberculous Campaign in English and a fourth line with date in Roman numerals 1965. Note: On the 6 b. the English overprint is Tuberculous / Campaign / 1965.

29 January 1966
Different forms of telecommunications

5 March 1966
Prevention of cruelty to animals
Values from the 1964 Birds series were overprinted with two lines in English Prevention of Cruelty / to Animals on the bottom and a two line Arabic equivalent at the top.

5 March 1966
Values from the 1965 Birds series overprinted diagonally with Postage Due in English and the Arabic equivalent

20 March 1966
3rd Arab Summit Conference
The 1964 2nd Arab Conference series overprinted with two lines of Arabic text and 3rd. Arab / Summit Conference / 1965 in English

25 March 1966
Builders of World Peace

5 May 1966
Domestic animals and butterflies

20 May 1966
Russian Luna 9 mission
The 1965 Achievements in space series overprinted with two lines of Arabic at the top, Luna IX / 3 February 1966 in English at the bottom and a picture of the Luna IX satellite in the middle. The wording is in black and the picture of the satellite is in red.

29 May 1966
World Cup Football (Soccer) Championships - Wembley, England

30 June 1966
Traffic Day

15 August 1966
Russian Surveyor 1 space mission
Issues from the 1965 Achievements in space series overprinted with three bars covering the former values, an image of the Surveyor 1 satellite on the moon with the wording Surveyor 1 in English and an Arabic above the satellite and the date 2 June 1966 in English under the satellite and the new value in Roman numerals and an Arabic inscription at the top. Note: The positioning of the different elements in the overprint may differ slightly from value to value depending on the design of the stamp that was overprinted.

September 1966
4th Anniversary of the Revolution

October 1966
World's Fair, Sana'a
The 1964 New York World's Fair series overprinted on one line with 1965 SANA'A in English and Arabic.

1 November 1966
Opening of the headquarters of the World Health Organization - Geneva, Switzerland

1 December 1966
Commemorating the Gemini 6 and Gemini 7 space flights

25 December 1966
Commemorating the Gemini 9 space flight
The Gemini 6 and 7 series overprinted in red with one line of Arabic text, a second line with the date in Arabic and three lines in English, GEMINI IX / CERNAN - STAFFORD / JUNE 3-1966.

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