Flag of the Kingdom of Yemen

Royalist Yemen
Stamps and Postal Stationery: 1964

15 January 1964
The Patriotic War

19 March 1964
Commemorating the British Red Cross Surgical Team
Overprint on Patriotic Issues - two-line wording in English - HONOURING BRITISH RED CROSS / SURGICAL TEAM , old value covered by a star - new values in Roman and Arabic equivalents, Red Cross and 1963-64 in upper left hand corner, Arabic equivalent and AIR MAIL in English and Arabic in the right hand corner

19 March 1964
Overprint on Red Cross Centenary issues - Star covering the old value and new Arabic and Roman figures above the stars, AIR MAIL and Arabic equivalent on left and right side of the stamp and an airplane above the Arabic wording

19 March 1964
Provisionals Overprint on Patriotic War issue - star covering old values and 4 BOGACHES in English and Arabic above the stars and small stars along the edge of the stamp

1 September 1964
Olympic Games - Tokyo, Japan

7 September 1964

8 December 1964
Provisional 5 b. consular fee issues overprinted as either horizontal or vertical pairs with the seal of the Royal Arms covering the middle of the two stamps, YEMEN in English and the date "1383" in Arabic in green, and black lines covering the old inscription at the bottom of the issues

Issued at Qara

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