Aerogrammes Used in
the Qu'aiti State in the Hadhramaut

Qu'aiti State 3ab Qu'aiti State 3bb

The fifth and sixth aerogrammes from the Qu'aiti State in the Hadhramaut may have been issued in 1966. There are no recorded postally used issues nor any CTO issues. Apparently 100 copies were created.

The denomination of the original aerogramme is 50 cents (East African currency) and includes the image of the 50 cents 1963 definitive issue. The design includes a scene depicting date cultivation and the image of the ruler, Sultan Awadh bin Salih al-Quaiti.

The overprints are in two colours. The bar covering Aden, the new name of South Arabia and its Arabic equivalent as well as the new 25 fils denomination in English and Arabic are printed in green. The two-line commemorations for Winston Churchill and of John F. Kennedy are printed in black. Airmail - The Entire Truth mentions the existence of a lilac overprint variety of the two-line commemoration.

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