PDRY Obligatory Charity Label
Used from 1977-1978


Mukalla, Aerogramme
11 December 1977

Seiyun, Cover postmarked
15 December 1977

Crater, Aerogramme postmarked
12 February 1978

The above label was discussed by Murray Graham in a short article for The Dhow in its June 2002 issue. The denomination of the label is five fils. The translation of the inscription was supplied by Murray Graham in the article and is:

Democratic Yemen
the Eleventh World Festival
of Youth and Students
Five Fils.

The article raises a few questions. was this label used to raise funds to send Yemeni students and youth from the PDRY to the world festival? Was this label obligatory, and if so, for local mail, for mail to members of the Arab Postal Union, and/or for mail to countries not members of the APU? How long was this label used? And should this label be in catalogues as a postal tax issue? Perhaps you can help answer these questions. You are welcome to email me if you have further information or if you have questions.

The 11th World Festival for Youth and Students was held in Havana, Cuba in 1978.

The image of the aerogramme from Mukalla and the translation of the text are from page 6 of the June 2002 issue of The Dhow and are use with the permission of the publisher of The Dhow.

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