Emarat Service Station Cancels

Postal Agency 101 Postal Agency 102 Postal Agency 103 Postal Agency 104

These are cancellations from post offices located in service stations. Empost, owned by the General Postal Authority of the United Arab Emirates, signed an agreement in 1999 with Emarat, a chain of petro or gas stations. The Emarat service stations have installed facilities to provide many of the services that the traditional post offices provide. Customers can buy stamps and postal stationery and they can mail letters and parcels. Some of the service stations also have post boxes. In addition the Emarat staff have undergone training by the General Postal Authority. Postal service is available 24 hours a day, everyday.

The cancels are from four service stations in Dubai. All Emarat service stations were to have postal facilities by March 2000. My thanks to A.M. Khoory with supplying me with examples of the cancels and with the information for this page.

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