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Mail and eMail Bid Sale #26 will open in early May and close on 5 June 2020.

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Mail and eMail Bid Sale #26 will close on 30 September 2020.

If you would like to receive a paper copy of the catalogue or scans of lots, please let us know at stamps@oxfam.ca.  You can also follow us at https://www.facebook.com/oxfamstamps/   and at www.ohmygosh.on.ca

About OXFAM-Canada’s Stamp Program:

For over 35 years, OXFAM-Canada has been raising funds for overseas projects from its volunteer stamp program, primarily from mail order sales, auctions and stamp shows such as Orapex. This type of sale is an opportunity to give wide visibility to unusual or “one of a kind” material that we have received. In 2018 we raised over $30,000 from our two auctions, mail order & show sales. $30,000 might seem like a drop in the bucket compared to the scale of the problems of poverty, disease and injustice around the world. We believe, though, that every little step in the right direction can help. Except for about $100 in expenses for producing and mailing this catalogue, all the money we raise from this auction will go to the project “Creating Spaces to Take Action on Violence Against Women and Girls in Asia”, described below. For more details and a complete list of all 40 projects supported by the Stamp Program in 24 countries since 1984, visit www.oxfam.ca and follow the links from: “what you can do” to “Help Stamp Out Hunger”.

Violence against women and girls in Asia creates a major barrier to education, mobility and economic development and is a violation of their rights. For this reason, Oxfam started the Creating Spaces project in 2016 and the Stamp Program has contributed $135,000 since then, thanks to your purchases. The project lasts five years and has a total budget of $20 million, $5 million of which will come from Oxfam Canada and the rest from the Government of Canada. In other words, our stamp contributions are matched on a 3:1 basis. “Creating Spaces” seeks to reduce violence and to end the prevalence of early and forced marriages in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and the Philippines. According to the World Health Organization, women in these countries suffer from exceptionally high rates of violence and globally one in three will experience some form of violence in their intimate relations. In Bangladesh, Oxfam’s local partner launched a mobile phone service directory to enable women to access information about services and hold providers accountable. Legal aid and counseling were given to 132 victims of violence. In India, Oxfam held two youth workshops to reduce negative stereotyping in Indian cinema. In Indonesia, the Government has raised the minimum marriage age to 19. Oxfam held a series of workshops to raise awareness of the change. In Nepal, 180 Community Discussion Centres, attended by 4,525 women, provide information on violence against women and on child marriages. In Pakistan, women who experienced violence received free legal advice in six Oxfam-organized sessions which included police and female counselors. In the Philippines, Oxfam introduced community scorecards so that communities could assess services available to women who experienced violence. Oxfam will implement this procedure in all project sites twice by the end of the overall project.

Our projects are labour-intensive rather than capital-intensive, in that the money flows directly to local organizations who work to change people’s attitudes and actions. The stamp program too is very labour-intensive. Our most popular product is a kilo of stamps on paper. It takes a banker’s box of envelopes and many hours of work to produce just one kilo -- but in the process we find a lot of interesting covers and cancellations. We depend entirely on donations - primarily of modern material from churches, companies, organizations and individuals – so we are rescuing and recycling material that would otherwise be lost to the philatelic world. Unfortunately, Oxfam is no longer issuing tax receipts for stamp donations.


For more details and a complete list of all 40 projects supported by the Stamp Program in 24 countries since 1984, visit www.oxfam.ca and follow the links from: “what you can do” to: “Help Stamp Out Hunger”.

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