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April 2018

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Telephone: 613-237-5236, extension 2271

Please note: Our prices are in Canadian funds.

If you are not completely satisfied, we offer a full money-back guarantee.

NOTE:  We have separated our list into two new sections: 1) Postage Paid Smaller Mixtures On and Off Paper (Sections A & B), 2) Larger Mixtures on Paper (Section C) and 3) Mystery Mix and Postcards (Section D). We continue to charge $12 postage for anywhere in Canada for C and D. For orders of Larger Mixtures worth over $125, there is still no charge.


(Postage Paid!)
(95 grams is about 300 stamps)
Price Quantity Cost of Your Order
A.1 CANADA MIX: 95 grams, 2001 on, our most up-to-date $10.00
A.2CANADA MIX: 95 grams international rate, 1970-2000, commemoratives only, on & off paper $12.00
A.3OLDER CANADA MIX: 95 grams, (1940-2000)$6.00
A.4 BRITAIN MIX: 95 grams $6.00    
A.5 USA MIX: 95 grams, commemoratives only $6.00    
A.6 WORLD MIX: 95 grams $6.00    
A.7 AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND: 95 grams,  commemoratives only $6.00    


B. 95 gram MIXTURES OFF PAPER  )  (Postage Paid!) (95 grams is about 1000 stamps)
Price Quantity Cost of Your Order
B.1 CANADA: 95 grams, mainly used $9.00
B.2 WORLD:  95 grams,  mainly used $9.00    
B.3 BRITAIN & COMMONWEALTH:  95 grams, mainly used $9.00    
B.4 USA: 95 grams,  mainly used  $9.00


C. LARGER MIXTURES ON PAPER (mainly single paper but could be some double thickness).
Price Quantity Cost of Your Order
C.1 CANADA MIX: 908 grams, good variety, 2001 to present, one per customer only at this time $80.00    
C.2 OLDER CANADA MIX  (up to 2000): 908 grams $30.00    
C.3 CANADA DEFINITIVES:  908 grams $10.00    
C.4 BRITAIN MIX : 908 grams $50.00    
C.5WORLD MIX: 908 grams, could be anything$40.00
C.6UNITED STATES: 908 grams, could be anything$10.00


D. MYSTERY MIX & POSTCARDS Price Quantity Cost of Your Order
D.1 Mystery Mix:  1 kilo of stamps mainly on paper, unsorted by us. These will typically contain a large number of Canadian definitives, some not well trimmed, but could also contain off paper stamps, foreign and other interesting items. $20.00    
D.2 50 worldwide postcards, most with stamps (could include some Canada)  $5.00    




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Mailing & Handling
(inside Canada*)


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Please make cheques payable to the "Oxfam Canada Stamp Program"

* Add the standard mailing charge on orders under $125 except for prepaid items. There is no charge on orders worth $125 or more.  

Orders going outside Canada will be billed separately for the cost of mailing and handling. Please state whether you prefer air or surface mail (surface is a little less expensive but slower).

For up-to-date information on availability of material, send an e-mail to: