OXFAM Canada Stamp Program - Mail & Email Bid Sale #24      

Closes on Friday, 31 May 2019
(postmarked before midnight)

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Oxfam Mail and eMail  Bid Sale #24 is scheduled to close on 31 May 2019.


Oxfam Mail and eMail  Bid Sale #24 is scheduled to close on 31 May 2019.

Oxfam Stamp Lots

Lots 238-242: #F3, 8c blue, VF Used, well centred with light cancel, #OX1-2, F-VF Used, OX3-4 VF Mint

Our 24th auction features 19th Century Canadian material, as well as the usual variety of modern Canadian and world covers and stamps.  Recently we received donations of several specialized collections of early Canada, Canadian postal history and stamps from China. We could not possibly include them all in this auction but we have selected some, and there will be many more next time. The Collections and Canada Stamps sections have large and small queen lots as well as many others such as the stamps shown above. The Canada Covers section has several stampless and 19th C covers from a collector who specialized in the postal history of Frontenac County among other locations, and we will have a full postal history section in our next auction. The World Stamps section has early Mint and cancelled to order stamps from the People’s Republic of China as well as a few from the Republic of China, and we have barely begun to examine three large boxes of Chinese stamps.  In this auction we also have a wide selection of First Day Covers from Australia to Yugoslavia.  For example, there are 7 lots of Hong Kong FDCs from 1984-2015.

If you would like to receive scans of lots, please let us know at stamps@oxfam.ca. You can also follow us at www.ohmygosh.on.ca. Here is the link to our new Facebook page where we will also post up to date information about our auction, our mail order price list and other snippets about our work.  www.facebook.com/oxfamstamps/.  For those in the Ottawa area or visiting, we will also be holding a viewing day at the Oxfam National Office on Wednesday 29 May, 10am – 4pm

Basic Information for Bidders:

No Buyers Premium: what you bid is what you pay, except for postage charges.

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Table of Contents:
Lots 1 - 222   Collections, Bulk Lots, and covers Lots 223-452   Canadian and World Stamps
Lots 453-526  Canada Post Products, Postcards,  and Miscellaneous

For information about sending your donations for OXFAM Mail Bid Auction #25 please email: stamps@oxfam.ca
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