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February 2017

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Oxfam Stamp Programme
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Ottawa, Ontario K1L 8L7
Telephone: 613-237-5236, extension 2240

Please note: Our prices are in Canadian funds.

If you are not completely satisfied, we offer a full money-back guarantee.

NOTE: Canada Post continues to raise prices for packages. We have tried to make a reasonable balance in our mailing charges to avoid penalizing our many customers who live in small towns. Please see the bottom of the second page for current charges.


(150 grams is approx. 1/3 lb.)
Price Quantity Cost of Your Order
A.1 CANADA MIX: 150 grams, 2001 on, our most up-to-date $14.00*
A.10 OLDER CANADA MIX: (1940-2000)  150 grams $5.00    
A.11 BRITAIN MIX: 150 grams $7.00    
A.12 USA MIX: 150 grams, commemoratives only $7.00    
A.13 WORLD MIX: 150 grams $7.00    
A.14 AUSTRALIA: 150 grams $7.00    


B. LARGER MIXTURES ON PAPER: (mainly single paper but could be some double thickness. 908 grams = 2 pounds.) Price Quantity Cost of Your Order
B.10 CANADA MIX: 908 grams, good variety, 2001 to present $80.00
B.11 OLDER CANADA MIX (up to 2000): 908 grams $30.00    
B.12 CANADA DEFINITIVES: 908 grams $10.00    
B.13 BRITAIN MIX: 908 grams $50.00
B.15 WORLD MIX: 908 grams, could be anything $40.00    
B.16 UNITED STATES MIX: 908 grams, could be anything $10.00    


C. OFF PAPER MIXTURES: (could contain almost anything including high values; some duplication likely)
Price Quantity Cost of Your Order
C.10 CANADA: 250 grams, mainly used $20.00    
C.11 WORLD: 250 grams, mainly used $20.00    
C.12 BRITAIN & COMMONWEALTH: 250 grams, mainly used $20.00    
C.13 USA: 250 grams, mainly used $20.00    


D. COVERS AND CANCELLATION LOTS Price Quantity Cost of Your Order
D.10 CANADA: 50 modern hand-cancelled covers
D.12 CANADA HAND CANCELS: 150 gram mix of modern square and circular cancels on piece
D.13 50 World covers to Canada: wide variety of countries, from 1960's to date, including some registered.
D.14 USA: 50 domestic & international covers from 1930 onward


E. MYSTERY MIX & POSTCARDS Price Quantity Cost of Your Order
E.10 Mystery Mix: 1 kilo of stamps mainly on paper, unsorted by us. These will typically contain a large number of Canadian definitives, some not well trimmed, but could also contain off paper stamps, foreign and other interesting items. $20.00    
E.11 50 worldwide postcards, most with stamps (could include some Canada) $5.00    




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Mailing & Handling
(inside Canada*)


Email Address or Telephone Number:



Please make cheques payable to the "Oxfam Canada Stamp Program"

* Add the standard mailing & handling charge to all orders under $125. Orders going outside Canada will be billed separately for the cost of mailing and handling. Please state whether you prefer air or surface mail (surface is a little less expensive but a lot slower).

Special Note: Our next mail and eMail bid sale will close on 2 June 2017.

For up-to-date information on availability of material, send an e-mail to: