Oxfam Mail and eMail Bid Sale #19

Canada Post Products, Post Cards, Cancels and Miscellaneous

Mail and eMail Bid Sale #19 will close on 25 November 2016. 

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Mail and eMail Bid Sale #19 will close on 25 November 2016. 


Mail and eMail Bid Sale #19 will close on 25 November 2016. 


Canada Post Products, Postcards,
Cancels and Miscellaneous

C$ Est.


Canada Post Products



7 Packs of Postal Stationery Cards inc. 3 Provin. Flowers, 2 Canadian Hotels, Public Gardens & Comic Book Superheroes $20.00


3 Souvenir Cards #3a, 5, 9 F. Used C.V. $23 $8.00


1976 Montreal Olympic Games Souvenir Collection in 2 Albums each in Original Slip Case F.V. $11 $20.00
291. 25 Maximum Cards ‘The Historic Vehicles’ Issue  each with a cancelled stamp from the series, issued in Association with CAPEX ’96 C.V. $50 $20.00
292. The Ships of Canada Heritage Stamp Collection, sealed in original wrapper, the 1970s series FV $2 $10.00
293. Canada Post 1972 Souvenir Card containing #585a as a block of 4 F.V. $1.63 $4.00
294. 3 Canada Post Christmas Booklets 18cm x 25cm  for 1991, 1992, 1993 with story book format  possibly for Children no stamps $2.00
295. ‘Year of the Rabbit’ Joint Canada/PRC/Hong Kong Issue F.V. $4 $8.00
296. Year of the Dragon’ Joint Canada/PRC/Hong Kong Issue F.V. $5 $10.00
297. 1982 Year Book in original shrink wrap, FV $30 $60.00

Postcards -- Postally Used

298. 18 postcards, 1905-30, each w/a split ring postmark from a different small Ontario town, including some closed POs like Anson, Carluke, Ferndale House, Fort Stewart, Hutton House, Pelham Corners, Port Maitland & West Hamilton. $30.00
299. 1900 colour card, Dundas Ont to Bullocks Corners (closed in 1901) , w/squared circle and split ring cancels (image) $4.00
300. 1905 colour card of the Allan Line Royal Mail Steamer SS “Victorian”, Canadian stamp removed but clear Greensville Ont, Jy 24 05 split ring receiver. Card has serious toning on back $2.00
301. 1905 two  First Nations studio portrait photos, both w/#89 Battleford Sask duplex cancels to Greensville Ont w/split ring receivers. Small corner creases & some toning on cards (image) $8.00
302. 1911 photo card of a group of well dressed miners or prospectors, #89 w/Haileybury Ont. duplex cancel, Barrie Ont. CDS receiver. $2.00
303. 1911 sepia photo of Brock’s Monument, #89 Niagara roller cancel, addressed to Topeka Kansas $2.00
304. 1913 to Glasgow Scotland from Greensville Ont (split ring cancel) paid by 1c Admiral and marked “T10” .  Card is photo of Royal Hotel, Hamilton. $2.00
305. 192? Photo card of British King George V and family, w/2 x #159 perfins (TM&Co), London WC roller cancel to Hamilton Ont. Card has corner crease. (image) $4.00
306. 1935 realphoto card of British King George V Silver Jubilee w family on palace balcony, #228 (stamp damaged) postmarked Colchester to Hamilton Ont. $4.00
307. 1911-20, five colour Christmas and New Years greetings, from USA to various Canadian destinations $6.00
308. 1913-15, two colour cards from Washington & Florida to Lansdale Pa. Stamps are #397, CV $2ea $2.00


1913-15, two  USA realphoto cards of buildings, addressed to Lansdale Pa. Stamps  #397, CV $2ea $2.00


1900-22: Five cards w/Ontario Split ring cancels of  Greensville,  Juddhaven, Minett,  Port Maitland, Mortimer’s Point $10.00


1920-36, three colour Christmas & birthday greeting cards, Sask & Ont cancels $2.00


1922 realphoto of Bigwin Inn regatta, Bigwin Island split ring cancel & 1929 handcoloured aerial view of Bigwin Inn., Lake of Bays w/ 2c  #150 unreadable Ont cancel to Oneida NY $10.00


1924 realphoto card of the Houses of Parliament, London W1 England to Hamilton Ont,  1c #160 tied by roller cancel, assessed 2c due paid by #J2 w/pencil cancel $4.00


1940 B&W of race spectators on the headwall, Mt. Washington, USA #859, New Hamp to Pa $2.00


1946 PECo colour card of the Windermere Hotel Muskoka, #252 Utterson Ont CDS $4.00


PECo colour card of the CNR station London Ont, addressed 1946 but #252 uncancelled $8.00


1948 realphoto of Empire State Building, p/m New York USA slogan cancel to Toronto $2.00
318. 1948  card of Queen Mary p/m Southhampton, w/Britain #238 tied by “Paquebot Posted at Sea” cancel to Hamilton, Ont. $4.00
319. 1952 realphoto of Port Royal Habitation, Digby NS CDS & faint Ste. Adele CDS receiver $4.00
320. Two 1953 realphoto Coronation Souvenir postcards, one of Elizabeth II & Duke, #283 postmarked Glasgow 20 Jn 1953 to West Hamilton Ont.; the other hand coloured of the Guiness Festival Clock (not postally used) $4.00
321. 1955 realphoto of Toronto subway “First in Canada” to New York, paid by #337x3, assessed 2 Cents due, paid by US# J71 $4.00
322. 959 Giant colour card of mountains in Idaho addressed to Vancouver but postmarked: “Banff Springs Hotel”, two large red CDSs on 5c cameo $2.00
323. 1980 colour card of the Nanisivik mining town, addressed to Ottawa, Nanisivik NWT box cancel and 1985 card from Polaris NWT (closed 2002) (image) $8.00

Postcards - Bulk or Unused

324. Canada 1908 sepia photo of Wolfe’s grave in London, issued to mark the Tercentenary celebrations in Quebec, addressed to Paris but not postally used. $1.00
325.Canada Postcard Album of Niagara Falls containing 10 postcards un used c1900-10 & 10 mint postcards dated 1920 in the original folder with the caption Souvenir  Ste Anne de Beaupre$10.00
326. Tuck #4320 photo of Canadian Highlanders on Salisbury Plain, card is worn & not postally used $2.00
327. Canada 15 Unused Post Cards (some duplication) showing scenes of the Bigwin Island Hotel, Lake of Bays, Muskoka together with 3 receipts from the restaurant at the hotel $4.00
328.Undated 1c postcard of steamer “Coming Ashore at Grimsby Beach, the Pride of Canada”$6.00
329.Canada 34 mostly older standard size postcards, 18 used with stamps; 16 unused from 1940s to 1950s $40.00
330.Canadian Pacific Steamships “S.S. Duchess of Bedford” Letter Card containing 6 folded sepia type postcards$10.00
331.Canada 10 unused postcards of historic Ottawa circa 1940s to 1950s$20.00
332.Canada 70 Colour Cards from the 1950s to 1960s, 40 used most with stamps & 30 unused, diff sizes$14.00
333.2 mint realphoto black & white cards, winter & summer scenes from Grouse Mtn Vancouver$10.00
334.Shoebox full of about 1000 postcards mainly from Quebec in the 1980s, all with Klussendorf cancels & some commemorative stamps$20.00
335.Great Britain 108 all with 1970s to 1980s Machin stamps & 12 with Regional Machins from  Wales, Scotland & N. Ireland$30.00
336.USA 2 Holographic Cards, one a 19th Century Sailing Ship, the other a Western theme showing a Covered Wagon $4.00
337.USA 50 postcards standard size, from the early 1900s almost all postally used with stamps$20.00
338.USA 90 used postcards with stamps dating from early 1900s to around 1940s$40.00
339.USA 110 unused postcards mostly white border a few early 1900s, most 1950-60s$22.00
340.USA 140 colour cards almost all unused. $28.00
341.USA 100 color cards mix of used with stamps/  unused “K” cards, Curticolor, Plastichrome, Dexter etc from the 1950s$20.00
342.USA 15 ‘Real Photo Cards’ mostly unused c 1950s$30.00
343.USA 1995 Civil war series, two  unopened, unused puzzle postcards$20.00
344.USA 5 topically themed postcard sets; Legends of Baseball, Civil War, Pro-Cycling Team & 25th Ann. Love Stamp Retail about  C$45 $40.00
345.USA Care Bears Postal Booklet$20.00
346.USA 3 Oil Company postcards; 2 unused Union Oil Company & 1 WESCO Color Card (1945)$10.00
347.World 107 Post Cards all with stamps mainly addressed to Canada from 1950s to 1990s$20.00
348.World 270 used postcards most without stamps $30.00
349.World 80 “Greetings” postcards mostly used & with stamps, some with better cancels  mostly USA & Canada, about 30 used w/ stamps 1900-10$16.00
350.World 74 modern unused postcards$10.00
351.World 56 ‘real photo’postcards most used & about half with stamps$100.00
352.World 34 unused postcards$6.00
353.World 8 unused postcards of St. Columba’s Church of Scotland, London$5.00
354.World UniSafe Post Card Albumina Slip Case to hold 104 post cards, some damage to the spine$2.00
355.World 270 used postcards most without stamps $30.00
356.Two unused “Colourpicture” cards, from Morale Builders & Army Comics series, plus another c1910 card “I’m expecting to make a hit – wait” (w/pencil writing on the back)$3.00
357.Four realphoto colour birthday cards depicting flowers, not postally used but writing on back$8.00

Recent Canadian Postmarks on Piece, with
Clear Hand Cancels, mostly recent 

358. Eastern Canada’s 4 Maritime provinces: 150+ on paper, different types, many different towns, mainly definitives with some commems; some duplication $2.00
359. Quebec: 1000+ cancels on paper, different types, many different towns, mainly definitives with some commems; some duplication $8.00
360. Ontario: 600+ on paper, different types, many different towns, mainly definitives with some commems; some duplication $6.00
361. Saskatchewan: 200+ cancels on paper, different types, many different towns, mainly definitives with some commems; some duplication $2.00
362. Alberta: 400+ cancels on paper, different types, many different towns, mainly definitives with some commems; some duplication $4.00
363. British Columbia: 200+ cancels on paper, different types, many different towns, mainly definitives with some commems; some duplication $2.00

Miscellaneous - Perfins, Topicals, Etc.

364. Canada: A youth stamp kit box with a Large 8 page & 2 half size stock books, also #1838 Hockey Sheet + FDC, about 400 F. Used with no duplication, 9 FDCs, 30 stamp tattoos & about 100+ Bird/Butterfly topicals $10.00
365. Birds 263 F. Used off paper from many different countries $10.00
366. Cuba: 130+ topical theme stamps, art, birds,  butterflies, travel etc. from 1960s to 1970s in a 4-Page Stock Book $6.00
367. Transport 30 Used CTO Souvenir Sheets $6.00
368. 200 F. Used in 2 Presentation Packs of Olympic Games theme (worldwide) in the original packing $4.00
369. World 20 Topical theme Souvenir Sheets eg 2 Princess Diana $20.00

Miscellaneous - Back of the Book

370. Canada FWH1 Wildlife C.V. $20 $8.00
371. Canada: Trudeau tribute presentation case (#1909  thematic collection #107, CV $52) ; #1636 Cdn Tire & #1999 Astronauts MNH panes MNH $30.00
372. 94 cheques from the 1930s to 1950s some from The Bank of Nova Scotia with revenue stamps attached, 33 from the Royal Bank of Canada, Perth Branch, most with postage stamps for tax purposes & miscellaneous others $30.00
373. 1962  transportation information from the District Director of Postal Service, 18 pages of  about 1000 used copies of J2 (incl full sheets of 50) with a summary of a departmental free mail test (when government departments sent mail free) $4.00
374.150+ F. Used Circular cancels & 48 Special Cancels mostly Postage Due all on piece  F. Used all off paper $6.00
375.USA about 135 revenues mainly Stock Transfer with some Documentary,with duplication & 7 Copies of R 241 each with a faint cancel$10.00

Miscellaneous - Currency and Coins

376. Canada 1986 $2 bill uncirculated $10.00
377. Canada The Official Millennium Keepsake, Coin & Holographic stamps $4.00
378. Canada The Official Millennium Keepsake, Coin & Holographic wrapped round by a United Nations Association in Canada-Blue Ribbon Campaign  $6.00
379. 5 Different Silver Dollars incl 1964, 1968,1976, 1982, 1984 $50.00
380. Winter Olympics 2010 Magnetic Pin & Souvenir Quarter Collection $10.00
381. USA State Quarter for Maine along with the 37c stamp in a Presentation Pack $2.00
382. 2 Kennedy Half Dollars 1964 & 1976 $4.00
383. 100 World Coins mostly 1980s onwards, some duplication $20.00
384. 130 World Coins (40 British) mostly 1980s onwards, some duplication $30.00
385. 38 World Coins mostly Austrian from 1960 onwards, some duplication $8.00

Miscellaneous - Books and Albums

386. Canada Scott Specialty Album appears unused up to 1963 $10.00
387. Great Britain Stanley Gibbons Windsor Album Volume 2, mainly for Machins, virtually unused 275 Machins included about half loose and the rest mounted with light hinges $20.00
388.Great Britain 2 S.G. Albums with 28 pages for booklets & Machins $10.00
389.Minkus Album of  Brit. Comm. Pacific Islds. up to 1979 almost unused with about 80 F. Used stamps$10.00
390.USA ‘Roosevelt’ unused album with white Quadrille pages in a black slipcase with about 50 pages$10.00
391.USA Seal Postage Stamp Album Volume 1 from 1847 to 1994 virtually unused as almost new with about 70 F. Used stamps from 1940s to 70s$10.00
392.Minkus Catalogue 1970 for East European Countries; Belgium & Belgium Colonies Stamp Catalogue for 1975; Yvert & Tellier Volume 1 Stamp Catalogue .$2.00
393.Scott’s Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue for 1963 Volume 1&2; S. G. Brit. Comm. Postage Stamp catalogue for 1969 & S.G. ‘Collect British Stamps’ for 2005$2.00

Miscellaneous - Supplies

394. 2 Unopened Uni-Safe stamp hinge packets, each with a 1000 stamp hinges & 1 Opened Denison Packet of Stamp Hinges $6.00
394. Small Metal Guillotine in fine condition in the original Box &  Scott, Hawid & Showgard  Stamp Mounts both clear & Black, Stamp Collectors Inventory Record Binder with 2 insert packs, small stock books etc $8.00
396. 2 Used Stock Books; one eight page double sided black pages & the second 4 page double sided $20.00
397. 2 used Stock Books; a 10 page double sided & the second a Scott 16 page double sided Stock Book $20.00

Miscellaneous - Non-Philatelic

398. Sheet of Flags of the Countries of the World, 87(one missing) countries represented, for adding to Albums to help identify each country $2.00
399. 3 ‘Kraft Singles’ Hockey Cards (1992); Ray Bourque (Boston Bruins), Wayne Gretzky & Paul Coffey (LA Kings) $6.00
400. 10 Lapel Pins, 5 Large Circular & 5 smaller badge types, 8 Miscellaneous tokens $4.00
401. Christmas 1985, Christmas Card signed by Richard Hatfield, Premier of New Brunswick $2.00
402. Holographic Souvenir Card ‘Canada in Space’ with a Picture and Write-up of Marc Garneau $2.00
403. About 150 temporary tattoo stickers as stamps from the 1999 Kite series $10.00
404. 1937  Lady’s Dance Card for a Ball at the Ritz-Carleton Hotel in Montreal, w/gentlemen’s names filled in for the full evening. Also some calling cards used by the lady. Unusual! $2.00

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