OXFAM Canada Stamp Program - Mail & Email Bid Sale #19
Will Close on 25 November 2016.

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Mail and eMail Bid Sale #19 will close on 25 November 2016.


From Oxfam Mail and eMail Bid Sale #19

Clockwise from top L: 
Fronts of Lots  #305, 301, 301, x323, 299

Mail and eMail Bid Sale #19 closes on  25 November 2016.

Welcome to our second auction of 2016. We had our best year ever in 2015, raising $26,000 for Oxfam’s flagship project in Asia, and with this auction we are on course to raise over $20,000 this year too. We have lots of material to offer, and plenty in reserve for next spring.

This auction features a large donation that included many old postcards.  All of them are interesting as postcards, but some such as those shown above have postal significance as well, for their postmarks, perfins and postage due. So we have introduced a new category of postcards postally used. As well, this auction includes a wide selection of small collections and bulk lots some of which might be suitable for junior collectors, or those who enjoy hunting for treasures among a lot of common material. We realize these bulk lots are difficult for bidders to assess. If you would like a scan of any lot, please let us know soon. We will do our best to send you a copy and to post it on our volunteer-hosted web site. For those in the Ottawa area or visiting, we will also be holding a viewing day at the Oxfam National Office on Wednesday 23 November.

As you probably know, we use Canada Post for our mailing, and we plaster stamps on all over our parcels. When you bid, please keep in mind that postage costs are higher for small parcels than for large ones over 1kg – so it is often better to win more than one lot, and some of our customers add some mail order items after they know what auction lots they have won, to save on postage. We hope you find many items of interest!

Some scans are on the web at http://www.ohmygosh.on.ca/. If we miss scanning the image of a lot in which you are particularly interested, please let us know and we will send it to you or upload it to the website.

Basic Information for Bidders:
No Buyers Premium: what you bid is what you pay, except for postage charges.

  1. Lot Descriptions
  2. Bidding Instructions
  3. Determination of Winners

Table of Contents:
1-151: Collections, Bulk Country Lots, and Covers 152-287: Canadian and World Stamps
1-77: Collections and Bulk Country Lots 152-184: Canadian Stamps
78-90: Canada Covers  185-287: World Stamps
91-111: Canada Bulk Covers 288-404: Canada Post Products and Miscellaneous
112-120: Canada First Day Covers 288-297: Canada Post Products
121-131: World First Day Covers 298-323: Postcards
132-141: World Covers 324-357: Postcards
142-151: World Bulk Covers 358-363: Postmarks
364-404: Miscellanous - Perfins, Topicals, Back of the Book, Currency/Coins, Books, Supplies, Other - Non-Philatelic

For information about sending your donations for OXFAM Mail Bid Auction #20 please email: stamps@oxfam.ca
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