FUJEIRA - Arabian Gulf.


Illegal Stamps and Cancellation:

Illustrated at the end of this official announcement (attached) are certain illegal labels purporting to be stamps of the Post Office of Fujeira.

These labels were privately printed by Jacques Anhoury and/or George Hage and/or Middle East Stamp Company of Lebanon. Be officially informed that these stamps were never sold in the Post Office of Fujeira nor are they valid for postage in Fujeira.

We have been advised that some of these spurious labels have been mailed illegally through another Post Office accompanied by a fraudulent statement bearing the printed name Postmaster General of Fujeira, and marked "via Sharjah" in the address. A spurious circular cancellation has been applied to these illegal stamps to simulate a legal mailing.

On June 9th and again on July 20th we cautioned about this type of illegal private announcement. Fujeira does not have a Postmaster General, and Fujeira mail is not addressed via Sharjah. Fujeira is an independent sovereignty and handles its own postal affairs as well as its own philatelic sales.

Illegal private Statements:

In this illegal statement illegally mailed by these parties, they state as unissued perfectly normal stamps of the Post Office of Fujeira which have been on sale, and are on sale, and are valid for postage. They further incorrectly state that the normal cancellation devices used in Fujeira Post Offices are not being used, and state that those which they have made and use privately are now the proper cancellations.

It is assumed that following our precautionary notice of June 9th, overseas residents would not be misled by such an illegal private mailing, and would not mistake it for an official statement.

The recent printed statement prepared by said George Hage and/or Jacques Anhoury and/or Middle East Stamp Company of Lebanon libels an overseas resident who originally furnished the technical assistance for establishing the Post Office of Fujeira under Universal Postal Union regulations six years ago. Similar libelous comment was made against this same overseas resident by these very same people when they first manufactured and distributed what they misrepresented to be stamps from "Oman", a fraud against the public which are not valid for postage anywhere in the world. Possibly their untrue statements are made to direct attention away from the fact that they illegally send mail out through other Post Offices in violation of Universal Postal Union regulations and manufacture and sell labels which they try to sell as stamps.

We have been officially advised that in addition to creating and distributing the spurious "Oman" labels, said Anhoury and/or Hage and/or their associates are spokesmen for the radical "Popular Front" created to expand revolts against the legal governments of Muscat and Oman and the territories of the Arab Gulf.

Their experience in illegal and criminal activities is evident by their continuous private printing and distribution of labels bearing the name "Kingdom of Yemen", as well as "Oman", plus other spurious paper without the slightest postal value, and they regularly mail such envelopes through other post offices in violation of Universal Postal Union conventions. At least one of these Middle East stamp merchants spent time in jail after criminal conviction for illegalities connected with stamps.

In official summary:

We are sending this third official notice of caution to overseas residents, so that no one can be misguided regarding statements bearing the name Fujeira, and so that anyone repeating the misinformation or criminal liable spread by these parties on forms bearing the name Fujeira will knowingly take upon himself the responsibility for such acts.

We readvise that any communications sent to Fujeira should be addressed directly to the Government of Fujeira, or to the Post Office of Fujeira, and should not be mailed to some other private post office box in Amman, or Beirut, or marked via Sharjah, or some other territory where these unscrupulous merchants might have business operations or henchmen.

Furthermore, be officially informed that Fujeira stamps originating with Middle East Stamp Company, Beirut, who have without authorization announced themselves as agents of this Post Office, are to be considered as private and spurious, and without value, unless listed on the official statement of stamps released by this Post Office, dated 20 July 1970. No new Fujeira stamps have been issued since 13 June 1970.

In particular the six labels plus souvenir sheet which they proclaimed "issued" on June 25th, bearing Expo 70 Osaka pavilions, and a further six labels plus souvenir sheet which they proclaimed issued on July 20th are spurious private emissions and not postage stamps.

Legal action is to be taken against Hage and or Anhoury and/or their co-conspirators, and this is to be considered official notice that any Fujeira stamps distributed by these merchants are deemed spurious and will be seized and the distributors and/or stamp dealers trafficking in these illegal stamps will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

We would like to repeat that this Post Office does not operate through agents in Beirut or any other country of the world outside of Fujeira. All stamps of the Post Office of Fujeira are produced for and by the Post Office and sold by the Post Office at face value. Any statement that there were or are previous or present agents of the Fujeira Post Office are untrue. Any statements that the Post Office of Fujeira should be addressed via Beirut and or Sharjah and/or some other territory are illegal and fraudulent.

30 July 1970

Fujeira, Trucial States
Arabian Gulf

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