Government of Fujeira
Fujeira - Arabian Gulf.

20 July 1970



Last month we advised overseas residents of illegal mailings supposedly originating in Fujeira but actually made through other post offices.

We recommended to editors in overseas territories who do not have correspondents in the Trucial States to carefully observe the origin of mail received by them, the postage used, and other routine postal facts, even though we would assume that an editor, particularly of a philatelic publication, would have sufficient knowledge of these matters to exercise caution.

Please be officially advised and put on notice about repeating any statements as official information which are not officially from the Post Office of Fujeira. All that is required to determine this matter is a registered letter sent back to the Post Office of Fujeira in Fujeira (not via a post office box in another country or via some other post office).

Amongst illegal unauthorized statements which have been brought to our attention are the following:

Statements have been made that there has been a change in authorized agents or spokesmen, for this Post Office. Such are false, as this Post Office has always operated directly from the Trucial States, and does not, and has never sold its stamps externally through private agents.

We have also been advised that an announcement was sent out by the notorious Middle East Stamp Company of Beirut purporting to be an official announcement of this Post Office. This is spurious, and was prepared by either the proprietor Jacques Anhoury, or his associate George Hage. To pretend that such mailings are authorized, these stamp dealers have added rubber stamps of private translators.

Should anyone wish to verify the signature of the Ruler of Fujeira the proper source is H.M. Political Agency in Dubai which handles overseas affairs of the Trucial States. No private individual in Beirut Lebanon(sic) can pass on the authenticity or the statements or documents of the Ruler of Fujeira who is the sovereign Ruler of an independent territory.

Editors, particularly editors of English publications which tend to hastily print anything which might seem of a sensational nature regardless of the method by which such material is sent to them, are particularly cautioned to verify directly with Fujeira any statements concerning it -- particularly statements which originate with the above mentioned Jacques Anhoury, George Hage, and their associates in philatelic ventures of the most astonishing type. At least one of these parties has spent considerable time in Lebanese jails for criminal activities connected with stamps.

That these parties are able to violate Universal Postal Union regulations on use of the mails is evident from their philatelic activities over the past years, including their present propaganda label operation (which they call postage stamps) bearing the name of Oman.

Though such "Oman" labels are not valid for postage within the territory of the Sultanate of Muscat and Oman, nor can they bear legal mail, these parties have sent out announcements as though they originated in Oman and openly give as a return address a post office box in Amman, Jordan. The private organization which these labels publicize calls itself a radically marxist "Popular Front", and says it is supported by both Communist China and the Soviet Union; and recently has proclaimed intentions to expand revolts against the legal governments of "Muscat and Oman and the Occupied Arab Gulf".

Said Jacques Anhoury and/or George Hage and others associated with them in this Oman adventure, have also illegally issued statements in the name of Fujeira.

Be officially advised that any stamps issued by these parties are deemed to be illegal private issues without postal validity, and for the record please be advised that all stamps of the Government of Fujeira have been printed in security printers of the Western World, and no legal stamps of the Government of Fujeira have ever been printed in the countries of Poland, Rumania, Hungary, Albania or Communist China.

Should any "stamps" appear bearing the name of Fujeira printed in such countries these are spurious. and it would be appreciated if samples are sent to the Post Office so that legal action can be taken against those responsible.

With reference to the Post Office and the stamps of Fujeira:

The Post Office of Fujeira operates under Universal Postal Union regulations, and is represented in the Universal Postal Union by the Post Office of Great Britain. All stamps of Fujeira are announced from the Post Office, well in advance of issuance, and are available to the public of Fujeira and to overseas residents at face value.

Although appropriate legal action is being taken to seek out and destroy any illegal stamps purporting to be issued by the Post Office of Fujeira, for the information of overseas residents who may be misled by the statements of the above mentioned stamp dealers endeavoring to create confusion in the orderly postal operations of Fujeira, a complete listing of all stamps of Fujeira during the past year is attached herewith. All of these are valid for postage , and most are still available from the Post Office at face value.

Fujeira, Trucial States
Arabian Gulf

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