17th October, 1970

To Whom It May Concern


We, Sheikh Mohamed Bin Hamad Al-Sharqi, Ruler of Fujairah & Dependencies, announcing that all Postal Circulars issued on the date of:

  1. 9th June, 1970

  2. 20th July, 1970

  3. 20th July, 1970

  4. 30th July, 1970

  5. 17th August, 1970

are not official and were illegal.

We shall take the necessary measures to follow the fraudualent, and the said circulars were distributed privately by Messrs. Finbar Kenny and Fouad Antoun, and were never despatched through our official Postal channels.

In our first official circular the PRESS RELEASE we have announced that Mr. Finbay Kenny contract was terminated. The official issues after the issue Discovery of the Moon 9th May, 1970, the only issues which officially circulated are :

  1. the issue of OSAKA EXPO '70, released on 25th June, 1970

  2. the issue of World Football Champion, Mexico, released on 20th July, 1970

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