Dubai Cancels
1965 - 1972

Small Single Ring with Bars and Slogan Cancels

The several varieties of the small single ring with bars cancels were used from 1969 - 1972. The 60th Anniversary of Dubai Postal Services slogan cancel exists in both Arabic and English. I am still checking to see if the slogan cancel was use only during 1969. My thanks to R. Howard Courtney for the photocopies of the two English language Dubai slogan cancels and the first Dubai Postal Cancel.three cancels. My thanks to Khalid al-Omaira for the current images of the cancels and the earliest known dates of use (EKU). The A and B cancels were used in both Dubai and Deira. The B cancel has been seen used from a Riqa address. Still checking for types.

Dubai Slogan Cancel
(English "A" Version)
EKU - 15.3.69

Dubai Slogan Cancel
(English "B" Version)
EKU - 6.8.69

Dubai Slogan Cancel
(Arabic "A" Version)
EKU - 25.5.69

Dubai Postal Cancel
EKU - 20.12.69

Dubai Postal Cancel
EKU - 29.5.67

Dubai Postal Cancel
EKU - 6.7.70
Note: The date and year are reversed.

The A can appear pointing either left or right. The B can appear either rightside up or rightside down.

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